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Birthplace of Coffee: Ethiopia

Current Events/ News:

  • Eritrea, a neighboring country, has recently appointed its first ambassador in two decades to Ethiopia, which has been the result of the ending of a two-decade border war.

  • The prime minster was elected recently, in April 2018 and has quickly made many reforms and address major issues such as corruption


  • Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa

  • It is the second most densely populated country in Africa

Culture/ Lifestyle:

  • The major religions here are Christianity and Islam

  • The life expectancy is rather short at 63 years for men and 67 years for women.


  • Some of the world’s most ancient skeletal evidence for the modern human were found in Ethiopia

  • The Ark of the Covenant is said to have been brought to Ethiopia 3,000 years ago

  • Ethiopia has had 255 emperors but is now a federal parliamentary republic.

  • The last emperor, Haile Selassie, is credited for abolishing slavery and modernizing Ethiopia


  • Ethiopia has the fastest growing economy in Africa

Natural Resources:

  • Ethiopia has some reserves of precious metals such as gold, potash, natural gas, copper, and platinum

  • Natural gas is by far the most important natural resource which the government is working on developing further

Famous People:

  • Derartu Tulu was the first Ethiopian and black African woman to win an Olympic gold medal winning the 10k event at the Barcelona Olympic Games.

  • Ethiopian distance runner Abebe Bikila was the first black African to win the gold medal in the Olympic Marathon in 1960, and he ran the race barefooted. He won the race again in Tokyo four years later and became the first person to win the race twice, setting a world record.

  • Haile Gebrselasie was another great Ethiopian long-distance runner winning 2 Olympic gold medals in the 10k and four World Championship titles in the same event. One of ten children, he would run 10 kilometers to school each day.

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